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I have never given a review but this woman deserves all the exposure she can get. You've all heard the saying if it's too good to be true then it's too good to be true well I've finally found the exception to the rule after 5 years of searching on this first class site. Dallas is the perfect 10 in every category. She's the most beautifully stunning woman I have ever had the pleasure of being with. Her looks, her body, her personality and most of all her perfect F cup breasts will mesmerize you. You wont know where to start or what to do. Read her profile and you will see there is nothing she can't or wont do for you with perfection. Don't sit back and wish. She's everything you've ever dreamed about. Why am I letting this secret out cos I would expect the same in return one day. Enjoy. 


John, February 2018

I made contact with Dallas at the start of the year as i was on the prowl for a punt and the very first person i locked eyes with was Dallas. I continued to browse but after looking through a substantial list I said to myself Dallas is the one and i never looked back. I would to finish by thanking Dallas on the most amazing, perfect and best night ever and honestly my legions lay with her as from this time forward i wouldn't book or recommend anyone else except Dallas as she truly is Number 1 xo


Had an amazing dinner date (to be remembered) with Dallas. She chose the perfect place for dinner. We talked a lot about each other, she was quite fascinated by my story. We shared some of our travel stories around the world. We both are foodies and that brought up a good amount of conversation to the table.

After we head back to the hotel. She was quite easy to be around and calmed down my nerves of seeing her for the first time. I was quite surprised how easy going she is. She was wearing this sexy short dress that was turning me on. What happened in the bedroom, was simply out of the world. She's quite addictive and she'll show you what a pornstar is. We took turns and took good care of each other. We really enjoyed our time together, and even though I am a novice, I felt she did have a good time. She is quite experienced at her work, really great at what she does and loves it too. 

I think, my decision to meet her was worth it. You'll never know a person until you meet them. I felt appreciated and had a wonderful time with her the entire time we were together. Unless you meet Dallas, you'll not know what you could experience with her. She's a pleasant surprise.

Thank you Dallas, you're more than you seem or people will ever know. You're a great companion to be with and truly a nice person at heart.


I just spent an amazing hour with Dallas! She is very, very special. If you are looking for great sex and great company you have it in Dallas. 
She has the body of a goddess but no sense of arrogance to go with it. She is down-to-earth and makes you feel so comfortable and welcome from the minute you meet her. But there is also a naughty side to her - one that will take you to sexual ecstasy and beyond. She tastes so good and her tits are perfect. Your energy and stamina run out way before your desire to keep fucking her. She's one in a million!!